The Ugly Truth

In the last couple of years, people have asked me what the HARDEST part about becoming a parent has been. My answer, unashamedly and without remorse?

Other parents.

Some are complete strangers and others are fixtures in our lives- family, friends, and coworkers.  What have they done?

Spoken curses and evil over me and my family.

What do I mean?  Well, one of the first questions I got as a new parent was “how was/is the baby sleeping”?  And I will (then and now) unapologetically say “my kids have slept through the night since 6 weeks old”.  It’s the truth.  They are great sleepers.  That’s not me bragging, that’s just what it is.  I won’t pretend otherwise just so I can join the “tired moms” club. 

And do you know some of the actual responses that I have gotten to this are?

“Oh, that won’t last”

“Enjoy it while you can”

“That will change real soon”

“If this one’s a good sleeper, your next one won’t be”

People have asked me “how is the baby doing”? I reply truthfully with, “I have an awesome baby.  The baby has somemoments, but is overall a really good kid”.

And do you know the actual responses that I have gotten to thisare?

“Well, if they’re good now, they’ll be terrible toddler”

“Just wait until they’re a teenager, they will be horrible”

“If they’re good, your next one will be evil”

“Don’t worry, it gets worse”

“Your life will be hell soon enough”

“It won’t last, just you wait”


Before you speak your own unhappiness and experiences over us, STOP.  Think about what you are saying! And understand one thing:

The power of LIFE AND DEATH is in the tongue.  The words you speak have power.  And I can’t tell you how often I have to rebuke other people’s words over my kids and any other children we may have.  I have to do it often.  Almost daily.

Let’s frame it this way- would you hope a friend’s marriage would fail?  Or that your cousin would lose their job?  Would you tell a coworker that you wished they would get sick?  Or perhaps that you wanted a stranger to foreclose on their house?

My point- Why don’t we start speaking LIFE over people? Success… great health… peace in their marriage, happy children… strong relationships…jobs they love… financial stability.  Have a little censorship to your words and choose them wisely.  Don’t let the martyrdom of parenthood make you want to pull others into your own misery, just because they don’t see parenting in the same light as you.  In other words, don’t look like those little worm things in Ursula’s cave from The Little Mermaid; pulling down anything that crosses their path. Get the picture?

If I have unknowingly ever done this to you or any other parent, from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry.

If this is tugging at YOUR heart because you’ve done this to me or another parent, know that I forgive you.  But also know that I have had to pray against you.  And your words.  And the power that they may carry.

Hope you all enjoyed a guest post <333

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