About me


Hmmm…Such a loaded question! I don’t think one bio can explain who I am. That means you guys will have to stick around and read my blogs to get to know the real me. The real Jaclyn.

I am that girl that has a sensitive soul but a strong mind. I thrive for adventure. You need a skydiving buddy? You got it. You need a last minute lets go travel buddy? Heck yeah, I am your girl. Even though adventure should be my middle name, I still love the simple things in life. Grab some Chinese food, ice cream and watch a movie or cozy up for a good book.

Through this blog you will get to know about my most favorite memories and my darkest. One thing I will say is I have no regrets. Everything has happened for a reason and everyone you have met was in your life during that time for a purpose.

Get ready to also see my success and failures at being a wife to a husband who works overseas 90% of the year, becoming a mom, getting fit, learning about oils….practically going through life!

I hope you guys will enjoy this journey and it will be a safe place for any person to feel like they have a friend who cares.

Please no negative comments, this is me simply sharing my story. Positive vibes and love only.

Love you all ❤

Jac Jac